Product shooting
We make videos that sticks your customer to the screen and then forces him to buy your product.
Stages of creation
/ the whole process takes 3-7 days /
Holding a meeting to understand the client's idea. Receving product for shooting
Approving the concept of the video, timing. Preparation to shooting
Shooting process
Direct shooting due to the plan approved at the previous stage
Editing, sound, color correction, rendering in formats required by the client
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Special proposals
Photo shoot
  • Subject photography (10 photos)
  • Photo 360 (3D model)
Discuss the project
Maximum set
  • Stylish promotional video (up to 30 sec)
  • Review video 360
  • Subject photography (10 photos)
  • Photo 360 (3D model)
  • Voice over (up to 30 sec)
Discuss the project
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Type of project
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